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Intranet Design and Development

The corporate intranet and extranet have become the de-facto enablers for sharing and communicating effectively within and with an organization.

An Intranet provides high efficiency. This translates to easier anagement and fewer bottlenecks. Since even the smallest companies already have local area networks, and those that have several locations already have at least 56kilobit lines between locations, installing a high value intranet, is a low cost proposition for them.   Our Intranet services can provide you with application development, technical expertise, artistic skills, and content management.

  An Intranet provides important communication and collaboration tools which support core organizational functions such as inventory control, purchasing, work flow management, human resource management, data management, and operations. At the same time, the successful development and deployment of corporate and institutional intranets requires a combination of traditional programming skills and newer, collaborative network knowledge.

  If your company already has an Intranet outsourcing portions of your intranet web development efforts to us makes sense, because we are in the business of providing Internet standards based services to help companies become more competitive and efficient.
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