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Client Testimonials

"I met Cornel for the first time in 2003. I knew I would eventually ask him to design my future website, but I had no idea that a web designer really becomes a business partner (at least an excellent one does).
As a global trainer of over 15,000 professionals and 100+ certified instructors spanning 24 countries, I knew nothing about websites and had never heard of a blog. When I authored my first book, Idea Mapping (John Wiley & Sons, Sept 2006), UrbanVerve created the site & blog, trained me to make edits & additions, suggested marketing ideas, put up press releases, linked to, created a workshop registration process and did a bunch of work behind the scenes to make my site successful. Within 3 months of my new book release my site was on page 2 of Google in my primary category! Doesn't get much better than that!"

                                 Jamie Nast/ Idea Mapping Success

See Jamie's newest post about us on her Idea Mapping blog.

"After several years in business and with solid market penetration, we were finally ready to extend our product brand to the internet.
Two web service providers later and with our product launch almost two years behind schedule, we finally found UrbanVerve. The team at UrbanVerve has not only delivered superior performance in the big three of business; Cost, Quality and Timing· they have won my confidence that they want to be a partner in assuring the success of my web-venture."

                          Norman E. Viaches/ Singles Entertainment, Inc.
"UrbanVerve was recommended to me by a friend and I have found their web hosting service and tech support to be first rate...I have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with the high level of support and personal care I have received from CI Web Design. Having our website housed with CI Web Design has been a blessing for us."
                                   Lance E. Lee - President/ IGC Japan Ltd.
"Thanks you guys, Business is going well. Last week set a new revenue record. I've heard some great comments about my Web site. A few people even said they hired me because they liked what they saw on the Web site."
                                    Keith Kargel/ Nature Learning Company
I love the service from you, I have no complaints! I get lots of compliments and I love the fast attention you give whenever I have a question.
                                    Karen Wisniewski/ Spuscizna
"Since Urban Verve's redesign of the website, the site is faster, easier to navigate and shows higher in search engines helping us spread the message to the boxing community."
                                 Emanuel Steward / Kronk Gym Store
"I've dealt with a lot of web designers.
 Your First Draft did a better job of interpreting and executing my web site design goals from a written memo than others have done after months of face to face meetings and discussions.
 Wish I had met you four years ago! You could have saved me four years of frustration and thousands of wasted dollars--plus lost sales.
                                    Roger Parker / Guerrilla Marketing & Design
"Now that our web site is complete I would like to thank you for all your help and expertise in our web site. I told you from the beginning that I had no knowledge in this field, you definitely went the extra mile not only in helping me understand how web sites operate but in helping with my computer system, and being technical support for the website. So thank you for all your hard work, and support you have given me."
                                   Eric Branham - President/ The Stone Brokers
"Thank you for the website. It is working very well and it looks beautiful. You were right on track with your ideas of simplifying the site to make it less cluttered (as compared to my old one.) I am so excited about this project now. I don't know how you do what you do but you are truly artists. Can't wait to discuss advertising options now. Thanks a million, "
                                   Jason Sturgill / The Alexandria Collection
"UrbanVerve did an excellent job in development of my web site; highly recommend this company to build and display any kind of web-site. It has been a perfect tool to let customers know what my business does along with a gallery of what I have done."
Franz Regner / Regner's Landscaping
"CI Web Design undertook designing our website a year ago... I would highly recommend CI Web Design Inc to any and all companies seeking to do internet business. Take a look at our website and you will see that they really put out a very professional product."
                                  Terry Sommers/Middle Kingdom Imports, Ltd.
"Wow, that was painless! In fact it felt pretty good! Thanks again for all you help in launching me in the next phase of my online marketing campaign."
                                William Reed / B-Smart Systems (Tokyo, Japan)

"Thank you for all your help with our website - it's great! And for all your advice and guidance with the whole internet highway. We trully appreciate it... - We will be always working together! (I hope that is ok with you!)"
Lily Diego / A Perfect Setting LLC

"CI Web Design (UrbanVerve) is great to work with. They worked with us to come up with some very creative and effective ideas for our website. They were easy to work with, provided quick turnaround time and continue to show an interest in providing the best service for on-going updates to our website."
                                   Franco Santill / La Cantina Market