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Web Development Resources

  Flash Communication Server
  • Flash Communication Server Data Sheet PDF, 226kb
  • Creating Powerful Web Applications with Macromedia Flash PDF 2MB
  • Getting Started with Flash Communication Server PDF, 537kb
  • Developing Communication Applications PDF, 2.5MB
  • Managing the Flash Communication Server PDF, 1.3MB
  • Firewall Tunneling for Flash Communication Server PDF, 279kb
  • Calculating necessary BandwidthPDF, 430kb
  • Control who connects to Flash Communication ServerPDF, 250kb
  • Technical Changes to FlashCom Server 1.5PDF, 600kb
  • Interacting with a shared database in real time through Flash Communication Server and CF PDF, 240kb
  • Use Cases and Feature Overview for RichMedia, Messaging, and Collaboration with Flash Communication ServerPDF, 320kb
  • Logging with Flash Communication ServerPDF, 160kb
  • Security Review Flash Communication ServerPDF, 220kb
  • Flash Accessibility White Paper PDF, 1.5MB
  • Server-Side Communication ActionScript Dictionary PDF, 1.4MB
  • Client-Side Communication ActionScript Dictionary PDF, 1.9MB
  ColdFusion White Papers & Sales documents
  • CFMX Data Sheet PDF, 630kb
  • ColdFusion MX: Raising the Return on Investment of Internet Application Development (Aberdeen Study) PDF, 250kb
  • San Diego Times: Macromedia - A Surprising Alternative PDF, 280kb
  • Seybold Study: J2EE Promises and Customer Experiences PDF, 330kb
  • ColdFusion MX for J2EE White PaperPDF, 600kb
  • 'But It's Free!' - Ben Forta: Why CF is better than PHP & CPDF, 120kb
  • ColdFusion MX General FAQ PDF, 250kb
  • CFMX Evaluator's Guide PDF, 500kb
  • CFMX Performance Brief PDF, 450kb
  • CFMX for IBM WebSphere Application Server Performance PDF, 520kb
  • Macromedia MX: Components and Web Services PDF, 530kb
  • Migrating ColdFusion 5 Applications to CFMXPDF, 700kb
  • Working with Verity Search Tools PDF, 1.2MB
  ColdFusion Development
Other documents
  • Flash Remoting MX: A Responsive Client-Server Architecture for the WebPDF, 340kb
  Macromedia Links
  • Macromedia Flash Comm Server Product HomepageGo to URL
  • Flash Communication Server Feature Tour Go to URL
  • Download Flash Communication Server Developer Edition Free URL
  • Learn how Flash Communication Server helps overcome the SARS threat Go to URL
  • Flash Player PenetrationGo to URL
  • Flash Applications for DevicesGo to URL
  • Flash Communication Server Application ShowcaseGo to URL
  • Macromedia ColdFusion Product Homepage (USA)Go to URL
  • Macromedia Breeze - the eLearning and ePresentation SolutionURL
  • Macromedia Contribute - the Easy Authoring SolutionGo to URL
More Links
  • San Francisco Chronicle article on the use of FlashCom during SARS in Hong Kong Go to URL
    Flash on Mobile Devices:
  • ShareAMP Case Study Flash on NOKIAGo to URL
  • Buildatone Case Study 3k Flash Application on NOKIAGo to URL
  • Zoom a Map Case Study for Flash on Mobile Devices Go to URL
  • Macromedia Mobile and Devices Development CenterGo to URL
  • Creating Applications for "sometimes connected" devicesGo to URL
  • The Book: Mobile Macromedia Flash(TM) MX with Flash Remoting & Flash Communication Server Go to URL

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